Houston, We Don’t Have a Problem

October 20, 2014

It feels so good to be back on the blog! Last time I posted, I was dreaming about Houston and all the incredible food and culture I was about to experience. Now after two months of living here, I can truly say “wow” to this incredible city.

For those of you who may have seen on social media, we successfully colonized Sigma Kappa at the University of Houston! Now that the recruitment and colonization process has ended, I am returning to a somewhat more normal work schedule and getting into my groove of everyday life working with the colony. I work daily with the new members to educate them about the organization and help them transition into running as a new chapter. Now that I have (a teeny bit) more free time, I want to resume content on the blog! I’m hoping to weave in travel and restaurant showcases, recipes I try and general food/lifestyle posts about latest inspiration.


Meet leadership consultant Gabriela Rodiles! #GR Gabriela is a recent graduate from the Theta Omicron Chapter at Arizona State University. When she was a collegiate member she served as the vice president of membership. Gabriela writes a food blog called Gourmet Gab. @gourmet_gab When she travels, she likes to try traditional foods or favorite restaurants in the cities she is in.

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I am still debating how to even recap the amazing food I’ve experienced over the past two months. Or how to explain the incredible diversity and culture present here. I’m eating the best BBQ, Tex-Mex and pho of my life, and I don’t even have to leave a 20 mile radius to do so. I’ve had the best fried chicken and waffles (sorry, Lo-Lo’s) for breakfast one day and then Louisiana seafood for lunch the next. I’ll post recaps here and there of some amazing eats I’ve experienced so far and some fun experiences I have had.  There are restaurants, and good restaurants, on every corner. The people are friendly. They are Southern and say ya’ll, yes ma’am and yes sir. It’s has only been two months and I am feeling like I’ve found a niche. Eating lots of food, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures here is going to make this a memorable year. Houston, we certainly have no problems!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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