3 Lunch Bowls to Try This Week

April 2, 2022

Whether you’re going back into the office or you just need inspiration to shake up your go-to weekday lunches, I feel you! When it comes to lunch, I look forward to some kind of fresh, healthy, light and filling bowl. I love assembling a combinations of flavors, textures and sauces to result in something to look forward to… not just your average turkey sandwich. Here are three bowls I made for Food Network that I think you should try!

Green Goddess Bowl

This hues of green in this bowl make me smile! I made this recipe years and years ago as an early Gourmet Gab video, but revisited it with the help of Myo Quinn at at Food Network to make it even better. The veggies all bring something different to the party – the broccoli gets roasted, the asparagus and snap peas are blanched for that perfect crunch, the cucumbers remain raw and fresh, and the avocado brings the creaminess. The rice noodles and veggies are tied together with the creamy green goddess dressing that you can customize with anything you have in the fridge! Bonus: It tastes just as good cold the next day. (Get the recipe!)

Chicken Dill Meatball Bowl with Green Rice

If I had to pick only ONE thing to eat everyday for lunch, I wouldn’t think twice… it would be THIS bowl. The chicken dill meatballs are light, herbaceous and tangy thanks to the feta. The rice (cooked with my dad’s no-fail method!) is tossed in a bright green chimichurri, which is undoubtedly my favorite sauce in the world. Quick pickled onions add color and crunch, and Greek yogurt dollops add extra creaminess. Make a big batch and I promise you’ll look forward to this everyday for lunch. (Get the recipe!)

Fish Taco Bowls

If you’re lucky enough to be working from home, this recipe is a perfect lunch because it’s ready in 20 minutes! Or if you’re thinking ahead… these Fish Taco Bowls make a stellar dinner so you can take advantage of those crispy cod fillets, but also works as a chilled lunch the next day. The time overnight gives the coleslaw mix an opportunity to marinate in the yogurt lime dressing and the mango time to get super cold. Plus, there’s a special technique recipe developer Emily Weinberger shared with me for this recipe – dip the cold fillets in lime juice before coating them in the breadcrumbs. No egg + flour standard breading procedure needed! (Get the recipe.)

I hope these recipes bring some brightness to your lunches this week. Tag me on Instagram, @gourmet_gab, and let me know what you think!

Images courtesy: Food Network


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