An Ultimate Girls Weekend in NYC

April 22, 2019

When my friends and family come to visit NYC, I don’t want them to leave without saying they ate the best food, drank the best cocktails, saw the coolest spots and explored the cutest neighborhoods. Of course we can swing by necessary tourist spots, but I want to dig right into the places I would meet up with friends or guarantee they would have the best taste, drink or time to remember.

My aunt and cousin came to visit a few weeks ago and I had the best time putting together the ultimate itinerary. There is so much to see in the city, but I had to narrow it down for a few days. One of my favorite parts things is not on the itinerary was simply getting ready with them every morning! We sometimes wouldn’t head out until noon, but we weren’t in any rush because we got to have coffee and catch up together in my teeny tiny apartment!

Once we got out and about in the city, we snacked and sipped our way around. I’m sharing some of our favorite spots and hope it sparks inspiration for the next time you’re in Manhattan!


  • Brunch at Buvette. This restaurant has the best steamed eggs you’ll ever have, but there is usually a wait! Put your name in, get coffee at Via Carota, walk to Washington Square Park and then swing back just in time for your table.
  • Afternoon cocktail at Dante. My all-time favorite spot for drinks, especially when you stumble upon a live band playing afternoon jazz music like we did!
  • Head home for charcuterie board snacks and Aperol Spritz while getting ready for the night.
  • See Mean Girls (SO good!) and swing through Times Square.
  • Late dinner and snacks back in the neighborhood at The Penrose.


  • Head to Remi Flower & Coffee for stunning rose lattes in the working flower shop.
  • Take the train over to 30th St. and 10th Ave. to start the High Line! (The Vessel and Hudson Yards wasn’t open yet, but now that it is, you can see that!)
  • Walk down the High Line to Chelsea Market and explore.
  • Walk to the West Village and put our name in for last-minute reservations at Emily. (Absolutely make reservations before!)
  • Stroll around waiting for Emily. Swing into Murray’s Cheese Bar for wine and snacks, then a drink at The Garrett West above Five Guys.
  • Dinner at Emily for the best pizza and burger combo in the city. I know, I know, fire me because it’s not New York-style pizza ;)
  • Dessert at Milk Bar for Christina Tossi’s famous Milk Bar pie, cereal milk ice cream and birthday cake truffles.
  • Every other bar we wanted to hit was packed or hosting a private event, so we grabbed wine at Rosemary’s!


  • Make pancakes and coffee at home.
  • See the 9/11 Memorial Museum (Pro-tip: Go through the beginning faster, skip the 11-minute time lapse movie and concentrate your time on the Historical Museum at the end of the tour.)
  • Hang out in Soho. Shop at the Glossier flagship store, have tacos and margs at La Esquina‘s flagship cafe, visit the Color Factory.
  • Head back to La Esquina’s secret basement (!!) for more drinks to celebrate the end of the weekend!
Washington Square Park

I am so grateful for visitors and love seeing the city through their eyes. Plus, it’s so fun when we can explore new things together! I am always looking out for the next great spot to take family or friends when they’re in town, so leave any ideas below.

Love food. Love self. Love life.

  1. alison sherrill says:

    Heading to NYC in two weeks for a conference. I’m taking your list with me!


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