Caramel Apples

November 2, 2011

The temperature is cooling down here in Arizona so I can finally tell that the holiday season has arrived! Apples are in-season during Fall, which makes it the perfect time for Homemade Caramel Apples. The crispy, juicy and slightly tart flavors of apples contrast perfectly with the chewy and creamy texture of caramel.

This holiday season, turn baking time into family fun. Make a batch of Caramel Apples with the whole kin. The apples can be personalized with an infinite amount of creative toppings. You can even visit an apple orchard to pick your own, fresh apples!

Simple Semi-Homemade Recipe

If you’re in a time crunch you can purchase premade caramels at grocery stores. Unwrapping all the individual caramel pieces can be tedious, but melting the candy on the stove top is effortless. The caramel might taste somewhat processed, but toppings with detract from the flavor of the caramel.

Brown Eyed Baker’s recipe is simple. I love the idea of an Apple Pie Caramel Apple.

Homemade Caramel Apples from Brown Eyed Baker.

Homemade Caramel Recipe

If you are ready to go all out gourmet, take a little extra time to make a homemade caramel. The quality of the caramel will be noticeable and the flavor will be so good you will not even want toppings to distract. Keep in mind that patience is the most important quality to make caramel. Use a low heat and stir frequently to ensure burnt-free flavor.

The Family Kitchen presents a basic recipe for “Perfect Caramel Apples.”

Perfect Caramel Apples from The Family Kitchen

Gift Idea

These Caramel Apples are going to turn out so good you’ll want to eat them for every meal. To avoid the temptation, you can turn these cute treats into gifts. Wrap in a cellophane gift bag and tie with cute holiday ribbon.

Our Best Bites decked out her Caramel Apples with super creative toppings. Be sure to check them out, along with her unique caramel recipe!

Caramel Apple Gifts from Our Best Bites

Happy November!

  1. liztesar says:

    These look AWESOME! I love your blog.

  2. ceislin says:

    They look so adorable! Super cute idea- maybe even a good name place for thanksgiving dinner!


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