Churros and Chocolate

October 6, 2012

Why haven’t Americans thought of this? Dunking fresh, sweet churros into rich, creamy hot chocolate.

My host uncle, “Tio Pepe” as we call him, took my roommate and I to the chocolateria Valor in Sevilla this week. This chocolate store specializes in the freshest churros and most divine hot chocolate.

Dining at Valor was truly an experience. The waitress even delivered our churros and chocolate on a pretty silver platter. I wanted to quickly eat the churros so they would stay warm, but I insisted on savoring each heavenly bite.

Looking back, I can’t believe Joanna and I ate all of these churros! I would recommend splitting the platter with at least 2-3 people. The churros here are a bit different, not sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar like they are in the States. However, these churros aren’t lacking anything because a dip in hot chocolate takes them to a whole different level!

We are so lucky to spend time with our host uncle and practice Spanish together! And to top it off, Tio Pepe was a journalist in Spain for over 20 years. How cool is that?

Love food, love self, love life.

  1. chocolateria says:

    Nice blog. I like some delicious pics of churros with chocolate.

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