Gift Guide: Nine Kitchen Upgrades

December 8, 2016


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Today I’m sharing nine kitchen items that will help you upgrade your cooking or be great gift ideas for the budding chef in your life. While I have a few of these at home, there are a few that I am still really wishing for. These are items that once you have in your kitchen, you’ll wonder what you did without them. Let’s jump into the list!

On My List

I put a hand blender on my Christmas list this year because it would really upgrade my soups. When you’re making soups, you can just stick the hand blender right into the pot instead of transferring hot liquid into a blender to smooth.

As for the pantry storage – I am likely going to purchase the set at Costco in the new year to revamp my current storage habits. I also would love to have a mandoline to thinly slice potatoes, make zucchini or carrot ribbons, among other options. The one I recommended and am looking for is a simple version that stores easily.

I use a French press often when I’m not using my Keurig, but I love how this copper one looks like a piece of art for the middle of the table as you drink coffee with a holiday dessert. You’ve also heard me talk about GIR products before, but now I’m ready to upgrade all my kitchen utensils to their brand.


For the slow cooker, there are a few things I have found incredibly helpful in purchasing one slightly above the basic version. Look for one with a digital time setting that will automatically keep the food warm after it’s done cooking. Also, I love that I can lock the top of mine and it can be grabbed on-the-go without spilling.

I also have found the mini food processor super helpful! It can be used for pesto, salsa, small batches of hummus, grinding nuts, blending sauces –  the options truly are endless. It’s nice to pull the mini one out for half-sized projects that don’t require the whole-sized processor.


Versatility with the cast iron skillet is incredible. Once I got one for my birthday, I was amazed how much I used it! My cast iron brussels sprouts and shrimp recipe is one of the most popular recipes on my blog because of it.

The marble cutting board is for functionality just as much as it is for cooking or baking. You can use it just as easily for a cheese board platter as you can to roll out pie crust. Plus, it is absolutely gorgeous enough to leave out on your counter to replace a plastic cutting board.

What else have you upgraded in your kitchen that you now can’t live without? Last week I talked about my kitchen essentials list and then next week I’m showcasing a few kitchen splurges that are on my kitchen bucket list. It’s so fun to do practical Christmas shopping for the kitchen for friends and family….or for yourself!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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