Houston, Texas Here I Come!

August 4, 2014


I could not be more thrilled to announce that I am moving to Houston, Texas for the year to start a new chapter of Sigma Kappa sorority at the University of Houston. Two other consultants, Danielle (left) and Bianca (right) will be helping me with publicizing the new sorority on campus and I am so excited to work with them!

Reading up on the city has made my excitement double every day. Business Insider ranked it the number 1 city in America. The New York Times wrote about how Houston should become a dining destination. Food and Wine condensed a list of must-visit places for every occasionThe ethnically diverse population of Houston lends itself to an amazing international dining scene. Andrew Knowlton wrote on Bon Appetite, “What’s not to love about a town where you can get a life-affirming bowl of pho in the morning, a stellar goat biryani at lunch, juicy soup dumplings as a snack, and the freshest Gulf seafood for dinner, then cap the evening with an expertly poured cocktail?” Needless to say, I cannot wait to explore. 

My dad grew up in Houston and actually even attended UH for a year, so my placement seems completely suiting. I cannot wait to visit the neighborhood he grew up in, eat Cuban food with his friends and explore the place he called home for many years. Did I mention that my favorite artist, Beyonce, also calls H-town home? Sounds like fate to me!

While the upcoming months will be packed with commitments, I will be sure to blog as often as I can to keep you in the loop of my Houston experiences. Good ole barbeque is on the top of my list, as well as fresh sea food. (Have you heard of Reef? It was named the #1 Seafood Restaurant in America by Bon Appetite!) I also am anticipating that an authentic pair of Texas cowboy boots will be necessary for this Arizona girl. Think I can pull them off?

These, among many other experiences, will make this year one to remember. I cannot wait to bring you along on the journey. You can catch quick stories and thoughts through my tweets and Instagram as well, if you don’t already. If you are familiar with the city, please send any advice or suggestions my way!

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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