I Ate Like The Rock for a Day

February 20, 2019

Do you SMEEELLLLLLL what The Rock is cooking?! I got to find out when I ate like Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson for a day on an episode of Food Network’s series, Experimental Eats! We filmed back in August and I have been dying to tell you guys about it since. First watch the full episode here:

I’m honestly still full from this. While I didn’t actually finish every single meal (the crew totally helps!), I ate more protein in one day than I have EVER in my whole life! Overall, the meals tasted good, it just was missing one thing – sauce. I’ve become accustomed to adding sauces to every meal since Whole30 and I really feel like that’s what The Rock could do to take his meals to the next level ;)

The Rock has a sirloin like this for breakfast! You can see the scale compared to my hand.

One of my favorite things to make for the episode was the MASSIVE stack of pancakes for The Rock’s cheat meal. You’ve probably seen on his Instagram that he’s a big fan of sushi, but did you know he eats it with pancakes sometimes?! Mixing and matching the combo was a little bizarre… Would you try pancakes dipped in soy sauce? However, eating it side-by-side kind of felt like that moment at brunch when you can’t decide between something sweet and savory so you just get both!

Every bowl, utensil, ingredient and swap of the dishes you see in these episodes are carefully planned, shopped, organized and prepped so filming goes smoothly!

Everybody on set helped make the shoot go flawlessly! Our culinary team, Sarah and Andre, made sure all the food looked gorgeous on camera and that I looked like a total pro while cooking. (Thank you!!) Charlie, our producer, was the brains behind pulling it all together. It was so much fun to work with him! Grayson, the man behind the camera, was willing to do anything to get the coolest shots. Michelle and Taylor made all the production aspects go off without a hitch. The vibe on set really impacts the overall mood and I’m so grateful this team made it a total blast!

You may have noticed that I had the most-PERFECT outfit to look just like The Rock. That’s all thanks to my incredibly talented BFF, Audree Lopez, who styled me for the episodes. It was so fun to go over to her apartment before filming and be one of the “clients.” That full-out ensemble… yeah, Audree just happened to have everything in her closet that I could borrow. If you guys are looking for style inspiration or want her to help you shop, reach out. She’s such a gem and one of the most-talented people I know!

Thanks for following on this super exciting journey, everyone. Be sure to like, subscribe and comment on the episodes either on Facebook or YouTube and share away with your friends and family! If you have any ideas of who I should eat like next, comment below.

Love food. Love self. Love life.


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