Rating All the Egg Recipes I’ve Made on TikTok

April 26, 2021

From the famous TikTok tortilla hack to sheet pan eggs for a crowd, I have gotten to try some pretty fun egg recipes for Food Network’s TikTok. If you’re not on the TikTok train yet, it is time to get on board! I have SO MUCH FUN with this app (and yes, I may lose many hours of the week to it), but it genuinely brings me so much joy. I’ve filmed a handful of videos for Food Network’s TikTok and these egg vids have been a blast. Here’s my ranking of each.


Food Network agrees… the viral egg sandwich lives up to the hype. #fyp #foryoupage #eggsandwhich #minitutorials #snackbreak #learnfromme

♬ Rise and Shine – Tiagz

Egg and Cheese Bread Omelet: 8/10

This was the TikTok that started it all. Early in quarantine last year, my dad filmed me as I made this recipe, I quickly edited it, paired it with a remix of Kylie Jenner’s “Rise and Shine” and now has more than 18M views on TikTok alone! This Food Network recipe is inspired by a viral video from India and it’s so fun to make. The egg-soaked bread is reminiscent of savory French toast, and the gooey cheese makes it feel like a breakfast grilled cheese. My dad asks for this for breakfast on repeat every time I’ve seen him since.


when the tiktok tortilla hack and famous egg sandwich join forces ✨ #fyp #tortillatrend #homemade #easyrecipe #foodtiktok

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TikTok Tortilla Hack Twist: 10/10

This twist on the viral TikTok tortilla trend is my favorite thing I’ve made on TikTok. What really makes this a 10/10 is that you get everything you would want for breakfast all folded into a hand-held package. It’s got some crunch from the crispy bacon in the center, plus the tortilla gets golden brown and crispy from the bacon fat at the end. Next time, I’d put the Frank’s in the center sections so it doesn’t ooze out when you fold.


Sheet Pan Eggs: 7/10

This Food Network recipe really is genius. You can cook a whole batch of eggs for the fam on one sheet pan even while achieving that perfect runny yolk! I knocked a few points off this rating because although the corner of the eggs do still get a little crisp, I missed the bottoms getting totally golden brown with fried lacy edges from the olive oil in a skillet. Pro tip when you try this: Put the sheet pan on your oven rack first and THEN pour your eggs in and season. As the commenters on TikTok noticed, transferring the sheet tray to the oven was terrifying 😂


Sheet-Pan Bacon Egg Sandwiches for a Crowd: 8/10

If you thought transferring the sheet pan eggs to the oven was terrifying, this one was even more questionable 😂 Luckily all the eggs and toppings made it into the oven while I was filming and when these eggs came out, they were SO GOOD. Next time I make this, I going to line the pan with foil because as the TikTok commenters rightfully noticed, the pan was a PAIN to clean. Hah! I’ll be keeping this recipe in my back pocket for this summer with the family because it would be ideal for a lakeside brunch for 16

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