The Year of 26

July 17, 2018

Every year for my birthday, I like to write a blog post commemorating the past year and looking forward to the upcoming year. My birthday was in June, so I’ve spent the last few weeks thinking about what’s to come with this new year. This last year felt like such a huge time of growth. Turning 26 landed me in a new age bracket (no longer “early twenties” right?), but I’m feeling more mature, grounded and calm. It feels like I can finally exhale and settle in a bit after a lot of hustling. I also am seeing the world with a slightly different lens. A new sense of comfort falls right along new questions about what’s next in life. For so long, I dreamt about getting to *this* point, but now I’m here! What’s next?

25 ended up being everything I hoped it to be – I landed the dream job, moved to New York City and settled into my first grown-up apartment. Those were the big priorities and, man, the theme of last year was hustling. I gave life my all in all capacities. I settled into lots of newness… new job, new city, new friends, new routines, new home, new relationships. A new groove. All of this made way for positive change and so much growth. I feel more independent than ever now and so confident as a woman.

Since September when I moved to New York City, I have had a lot to celebrate. I finally launched a series of meal preps, I worked on some amazing projects at Food Network, grew a lot in my cooking and feel so inspired to share more recipes with you! I traveled to Mexico City and have been eating my way through Manhattan. I have an incredible circle of women surrounding me in the city and I’ve never looked more fabulous thanks to living in the same city as my fashion stylist BFF, Audree.

What’s on the horizon for 26? Lots of learning! I am absorbing so much at work, I’m constantly discovering pieces of what I want out of the rest of life and refocusing my view on the world. Growth in the kitchen is going to be huge – I want to challenge myself to become a better home cook and share more recipes with you. I’m hoping to travel a bit throughout the year and internationally if possible! Already the last few months of summer, I’ve been taking more time to read, go see movies, spend time outdoors and just be. It’s a nice change from the last year, and I’m thinking it is setting the tone for year 26.

Love food. Love self. Love life.

  1. Chloe Brooks says:

    Aww, I love this! Happy belated birthday! Also, that striped dress is THEEEEE cutest … where is it from?

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