Whole30 Week Three: The Final Stretch

January 23, 2018

We are so close to the finish line, January Whole30-ers! Week three was full of ah-ha moments and some little “non-scale victories” for me. I felt full (finally!) after a few weeks of constantly being hungry and am working on resisting the urge to eat Lara bars every single day. After a few days of eating eggplant, peppers and tomatoes in a row, I realized that those cause me inflammation and stiffness in my joints, especially since arthritis runs in my family. Although I really enjoy those veggies individually, I think eating them together for several days impacts my body too much. It was pretty amazing to see an impact that I would’ve hardly been able to pin point prior to Whole30.

I love this mural that I came across in Brooklyn the other day. This Whole30 challenge has really helped me think about turning small things into meaningful routines. I love my morning breakfast and tea/matcha/coffee instead of rushing out the door. Going to the produce market to get new veggies each week and walking around to get inspiration. Taking the extra few minutes to stretch my body at the end of a workout to take care of it. Doing a face mask because my skin is already feeling so smooth throughout Whole30. Slowing down to find the meaning in simple things is making every day more fulfilling.

Speaking of Routines

Right at the beginning of Whole30 I was experimenting like crazy with new recipes and feeling so motivated to go full-out for breakfast, lunch and dinner. My colleague shared with me that her method for success on Whole30 is to prepare simple things that she can mix and match, not getting too carried away by adventurous recipes. After three weeks, I’m relating more to her theory. My meal prep was much simpler this week than the previous weeks and I am focused on flavors I’ll love. One I discovered how much I liked tuna and egg salad over arugula or served with celery, I’ve made it almost every week.

Tuna Salad

It couldn’t be more simple…and there’s no real “recipe” besides go with your taste buds and what you have available. I used two cans of tuna, about 2 tablespoons of Whole30-approved mayo, 2 big tablespoons of fresh dill, 2 tablespoons of slivered almonds or walnut pieces, 2 tablespoons golden raisins, a big pinch of salt, fresh cracked black pepper and the juice of one lemon. Mix this up and eat for two meals!

Eggs Make a Difference

After three weeks of eating eggs for breakfast, I truly can’t believe I’m not sick of them yet. I think it’s because I love a good morning routine (peanut butter toast and coffee used to be mine), but now eggs have found their place. The other day I ran out of my Trader Joe’s $2.00 eggs so I grabbed some organic brown eggs from my local market and was beyond shocked that I could taste a difference! You can even tell the color of the yolk is more golden than usual. I may have to switch permanently!

Social Hour

Getting together with friends has looked a lot different this month. I haven’t missed waking up with a headache on Saturday morning after a late night out, but I do miss grabbing a cocktail at a neighborhood spot or wine night with girlfriends. Throughout all these coffee dates, I’ve learned my go-to drink is an Americano. One of the biggest things I am craving is frothy milk in a cappuccino. Unsweetened almond milk just is not cutting it! The upside of the story: I’ve saved a significant amount of money this month not going out and getting drinks. That’s motivation in and of itself!

Although next week ends the Whole30, I’ll have 10 more days of reintroducing dairy, grains, legumes, alcohol and sugar back into my diet. I am so curious to see how my body reacts and think that will help guide how I cook Whole30 at home moving forward.

How are you feeling in the last week of Whole30?

Love food. Love self. Love life.

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