Yes Way, Jose

June 14, 2017

Father’s Day is one of the most special holidays to me. If you’ve met my dad, Jose, you know that he is just…well…so Jose. He’s the life of the party and the king of the dance floor. He makes the best Cuban food and wakes up early every morning to deliver coffee in bed. He is innately positive, incredibly humble and inspiring with his motivational messages.

Throughout the last few years of graduating, moving to different cities and being far away from home, I appreciate my dad more than ever. Even if we only talk on the phone for five minutes, the sound of his voice and his positivity lifts me up. When I do go back to visit home, his big hug feels as warm as the Phoenix sun. He is simply the best!

When I tragically lost my mom to a brain aneurysm seven years ago, I knew that my relationship with my dad would be changed forever. From that day on, it was the two of us, navigating this new normal together. He knew that he could never replace my mom, but he was going to do the best he could to balance his new role. My dad and I have grown closer than ever since then. It brings tears to my eyes thinking about what an incredible man he is and the role he has had in shaping me into the woman I am today.

As Father’s Day approaches this weekend, I wanted to share a special tribute to my Dad. He often reminds me of his favorite phrase, “Smile, everything is going to be fabulous.” Because of him, I truly believe that. Because of him, I am so grateful.

Love food. Love self. Love life.

Photo by Brooke Marcella Photography.

  1. Sheri Huston says:

    Gab, Yes I agree, your father is the bomb! I have only spent minimal time with him, but when I did I felt that true since of friendship and family. Jose has an infectious smile like yours! I loved your tribute to your father, your such a wonderful inspiring young lady and your loving life to the fullest.

  2. […] Happy Father’s Day to all those amazing dads, uncles, grandpas and guys out there. Earlier this week, I wrote about my dad, Jose. You can read it here! […]


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